Grotto Jeita
About Mapas

About MAPAS Co.

Born in Zahlé, Bekaa, Lebanon, Dr. Nabil Haddad left to Germany on 1967 in view of academic studies. He has been graduated from Technical University of Brunswick where he has been designated as a delegate to the administrative council. He earned his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Hanover.

He worked in Germany at the Federal Agriculture Research Center (FAL) – Industrial Engineering and in the Institute of Petroleum (IfE) Lubrication dept., testing and analyzes. For many years he worked also in CLAAS Company and as its delegate in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Algeria in the industry of agricultural equipment. All this work in German institutions enabled him to gain experience and to excel in several areas.

In 1991 he founded “Mapas Export Import Engineering Co.” which consists of offering engineering projects and carrying out technical studies, providing supply of machinery and equipment and training or technical assistance for complete projects to many firms and factories in Arabic countries.

At the end of 1993 Mapas Co. has concluded an agreement with the Lebanese Tourism Ministry with a view for rehabilitating, extending and managing the touristic site of Jeita Grotto on Build, Operate and Transfer basis (B.O.T.) following the damage caused by the civil war. In add to that, development of agricultural projects in the region of the Bekaa has been launched in parallel with this project as well as Dr. Haddad has founded several companies in Lebanon such as: “German – Lebanese Art of picture and sound (for artistic projects), ceramic factory “Khazafiat Loubnan “and an engineering office “Crea Vision”. 

The very best results driven by more than 30 years of work on the areas of trade, environmental and touristic activities lead to positive impact on the tourism sector in Lebanon and especially for” Jeita Grotto project “. This has helped to win several prizes, certificates and appreciations.

Dr. Haddad has always endeavored to protect, respect and preserve this touristic site in order to transmit it in an intact condition to the future generation to ensure them to enjoy this natural legacy of our dear country Lebanon.

The “Touristic site of Jeita Grotto” is regarded as the most developed and interesting touristic site in Lebanon and the Middle East attracting more and more visitors from all countries. Dr. Haddad is also involved in environmental and cultural activities and, since a long time, is playing an active role as a General Secretary of LGBC (Lebanese German Business Council).